Math Textbooks and Teacher Resources

In Depth

Explore online versions of high school math textbooks from Kendall Hunt Publishing that are available for teachers and students

The online books contain all the content of your printed textbooks and additional features to enrich students' learning experience.

  • An interactive table of contents, bookmarks in the sidebar, and navigation buttons at the bottom of each page let teachers and students quickly jump to any location in the book.
  • The interactive glossary gives your students instant access to definitions.
  • Linked page numbers in the interactive index bring you to the right page right away.
  • Print Page and Print Lesson buttons allow you and your students to print a specific page or portion of a chapter.
  • Links provide access to selected answers.

You'll also get access to an electronic version of your teaching resources package, including assessment resources, calculator notes, Practice Your Skills workbook exercises, and more. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.