Math Textbooks and Teacher Resources

Managing ClassPasses

From the Math Textbooks and Teacher Resources Console, you can access the online textbooks and teacher resources as well as create and manage ClassPasses for all your Kendall Hunt high school math textbooks.

ClassPasses give your students access to their online textbooks. Creating one is easy.

  1. Click the Add a ClassPass link next to the appropriate book.
  2. Fill in the form, including Class Name, Class Period, Number of Books Issued, Class Dates, and the actual ClassPass, which is the code your students will use to open the book. You can create your own ClassPass.
  3. Provide your students with the High School Math Resources URL (math.kendallhunt.com) and the ClassPass code.

On the Manage ClassPasses page, you can edit, delete, print, or email ClassPasses.

(Pop-up blockers may interfere with opening the online textbook and teacher resources, so be sure to check the settings on your Internet browser.)